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Results & Joy by Science & Love

We can help you. One to one behavioural consultations - based on science - Applied Behaviour Analysis, Psychology and Applied Ethology.

Online Puppy courses and consultations as well as grooming consultations for home learning. Both now during Covid-19 and if you are further away any time or just prefer learning online live in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere.

Behaviour consultations dogs, cats and parrots. Dog phobia in children as well as in grown ups.

Vet practice consultations, how to get dogs and cats happy to come to the vet.

Ewa gives corporate seminars and educations within behaviour, addressing goals and models for achieving them.



Next course starts the 27th of May at 6pm. If you are interested in that course or one later, please send me a message. Grab your spot by clicking below.


Ewa - a passion for Behaviour

Ewa has a Certificate of Higher Education in Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare from Anglia Ruskin University, UK, clicker training education and Applied Behaviour Analysis education. She is constantly seeking further information and studies.

Ewa has produced a Puppy Training DVD that is selling around the world as well as a Miniature Schnauzer DVD. Both can be purchased either in downloads or as a DVD at www.withewa.com. Ewa writes articles and blogs for various magazines.

Ewa lives 8 dogs and 3 horses in Sussex, UK.


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